Resources and Activities

We understand phones are part of our everyday lives - we're not suggesting the eradication of phones. But we are suggesting a family movement back to conversations without distractions and quality family time, alongside safe and responsible behavior in this new digital world. Here are some resources where you can learn more to help you and your family make informed decisions. 

Psychology Today

Guidance for healthy smart phone use and warning signs of overuse.

Family Activity to Discuss Cyberbullying 

Download these cards to help you discuss digital habits and give kids strategies for avoiding or deflecting cyberbullying.



Do You Know What Apps Your Children Are Using?

A guide to what parents will (or should) be anxiously monitoring during this busy back-to-school season.

Raising Digital Natives

Devorah Heitner, PhD is the founder of Raising Digital Natives, a resource for parents and educators seeking advice on how to help children thrive in a world of digital connectedness. She is also author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World.

The Family Dinner Project

The growing movement of food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

Common Sense Media

This organization rates, educates and advocates for kids, families and schools. Contains family guides, information on parents' and educators' concerns, and reviews of movies, games, apps and more.

Federal Trade Commission

Tips to help protect kids online. The opportunities kids have to socialize online come with benefits and risks. Adults can help reduce this risks by talking to kids about making safe and responsible decisions. 

American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics announces new recommendations for children's media use.