Off The Grid is a family activity that makes it easy and fun for parents and kids to discuss their values and experiences with social media, online safety and responsibility, while learning about each other.  Don't take our word for it.  Read feedback below from parents, teachers and children themselves that have tried "Off The Grid" family activity board game.



As an etiquette teacher, I’m often asked to talk about the use of social media in our classes and the impact it has on our lives and relationships. While most of us love our tech tools, they can be as much a barrier to communication as they are an aid. Parents, in particular, are concerned their children are either not developing or may be losing the art of conversation. When I talk to students in middle school about the use of cellphones, I begin by asking, “How does it make you feel, when you’re talking to someone and they keep looking at their cellphone?” I often hear back, “I hate when my mom does that, or I hate when my dad does that.” While my intention is to deliver the message to children, they may be modeling the example being set for them. When I came across Off the Grid, I thought it would be an interesting resource to include in our presentations with adults and parents. Its message hits home with many of the adults attending our classes and they are intrigued with the product.  Sherry D'Amico, Co-Founder and Etiquette Consultant, The Etiquette School of Chicago

I worry when I sees toddlers and children gazing blindly into device screens instead of connecting with a parent or caregiver. Research indicates that increases in screen time are exacerbating a whole host of physical and mental health issues including depression, ADHD, obesity and sleep problems. Placing our screens inside a box yields to 'out of sight; out of mind' and lets us look at one another instead of viewing our relationships through the filter of a synthetic screen. Off The Grid card topics can be a fun and engaging means of discussing the serious issues of safety, security and boundaries while allowing us to attend to the human need for building relationships and bonds.  Elizabeth Levy, PhD, PhE, PhK, PhW

We didn’t know how the family would react with Off The Grid, but we knew we were frustrated with family dinners. Phones ringing, TV on, everyone distracted and not truly engaging. As parents, we were just as guilty as the kids. Forcing all technology off and putting all phones in the box makes everyone be present. Having an 11 year old and 14 year old, it is important to keep them engaged. Pulling out cards and asking questions gets us out of the usual conversation ruts and keeps the kids opening up about their lives and their day. They also learn stuff about Mom and Dad along the way. We love Off the Grid and tell all of our friends about it!  Jeff Haynes, father of two, Sales and Technology CEO

We really love Off The Grid!! My kids just LOVE grabbing our phones and sticking them in the box. It made us realize how often we're on our phones and the effect that has on our kids. Great thought provoking questions. Conversation starters that have enhanced our dinner conversations.  Kristi Tindall, mother of two

As our kids get older, we seek opportunities to engage in activities as a family that don't include technology and Off The Grid helps us do just that! Most often, we keep it in our car to use on road trips or when traffic is bad, and we love the way it adds some fun and creativity into our discussions while creating a boundary around technology time. The game spurs discussions that may not happen as easily anymore, and sometimes we find ourselves surprised as our answers — we thought we knew each other so well and we've learned so much more about one another!  Heather Forshay, mother of two

We use this time to disconnect and create some memorable moments as a family. Many evenings, we use Off the Grid cards to start meaningful dialogue between us as a family. It helps us to share and as parents to listen to our children express some of their thoughts and concerns about life.  Shaun Gardiner, father of four

Off the Grid is a great game! We always learn something new about each other. Our girls are older and have heard the safety talks about cell phones, social media and internet, but we hear about things that they have run into and how they handled it. It’s a great way to put the phones down and start conversations!  Marty Merrell, mother of two

Off the Grid is a fun way to get some face time with my husband. We don’t have kids, but it sparks some good conversation about how we would handle social media with children and also has us talking about answers to questions we might not have thought to ask each other.  Christy McFerren, graphic designer