Off The Grid was born out of an experiment.

Kate’s younger daughter didn’t have a phone and wanted to see if her sister and her friends could go all evening without being in possession of theirs. She made a box with a hole in it and instructed everyone to drop their phones through the slot. It didn’t last long. Within minutes the phones were in the hands of the tweens, who delivered excuses from “I think my mom is trying to call me” to “I need to see if my phone is still charged”.

After witnessing this experiment, Julie, who was beginning to feel the effects of the digital age on her young son, was inspired to take this idea and transform it into a discussion tool. Stories, reports and incidents about phones and the impact they were having on our lives, our kids’ lives, and the lives of people we don’t even know were everywhere. It seemed many people were looking for a way to talk about digital issues, and to just talk in general, but they didn't know where to start or what to say. The cards were created.